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Website Designs

Pick a Sample to customize, fill in your information, and be live in a week or less!Click HERE for more...

Graphic Design

Graphic design includes everything not text such as logo design, product rendering, mascot design, and decoration. Simple to complex, we've got you covered. Click HERE for more.

Sample Ad

Sample Ad

Sample Logo Watermark

Sample Logo Watermark



Animations are a great way to emphasize a sale, demonstrate a product, and showcase products on your web site. Animations are also great for making e-cards for customer reminders or appreciation. Pieces of Brooke offers animations in several formats including Java, JQuery, HTML5/CSS, and Flash. Please note that Flash is not available in all browsers or OS, but will make to suit needs. Examples available on request.

Social Networking

Social Networking is a great tool to help you connect with customers, offers affordable and directed advertising, and allows you to offer limited time only offers and codes. Let us help get you connected to your customers with a facebook® or twitter® page. Social management also available for additional fee. (Samples coming soon)


Photography Services

Whether you need images, have images that need adapted, or are a photographer, we offer a service fit for you. All images on this site and the templates are examples of services provided except where designated. Click HERE for more.

Please note, we rarely offer portrait photography or formal events.